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Marketplace Appstore

Discover powerful applications in a one-stop shop that helps you find solutions to meet your unique business needs, from automated pricing and listing tools to product research. Many of the applications focus on automating previously time-consuming and tedious daily tasks like product research, filling out tax forms, or building customized reports.
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Service Provider Network

Our Service Provider Network offers a directory of third-party companies across the globe who can help you manage most aspects of selling on Amazon. We vet providers and continuously monitor provider performance to ensure only high-quality providers are listed on the Amazon Service Provider Network.




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Find solutions for your unique business needs

Use applications to automate, manage, and grow your Amazon business. Marketplace Appstore in Seller Central features applications from Amazon and third-party software providers that can help you increase selling efficiency, automate pricing, build reports, conduct product research, improve customer response time, and more. Applications are vetted by Amazon and reviewed by fellow sellers.

Features to help you explore Marketplace Appstore

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Save time and effort finding the right solution for your specific needs with search and filter functionality.
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Filter by price, reviews, and category, as well as supported programs, language, and marketplaces.
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Currency selector

Choose the currency in which you’d like to see application prices.
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Application Detail Page

Get info and pricing for each application along with developer links and contact information.
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Ratings and reviews

Leave ratings and reviews for each application to help other sellers make application buying decisions.

Discover applications in a growing number of categories

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Automated Pricing
  • Buyer-Seller Messaging Service
  • Feedback & Reviews
  • Inventory & Order Management
  • Listing
  • Product Research & Scouting
  • Promotions
  • Shipping Solutions
  • And more...

How to use
Marketplace Appstore

Step 1

Browse or search using keywords to find the right application for your business.

Step 2

Using filters, narrow your results, by price, reviews, category, and supported programs to find what you need.

Step 3

Once you find the application you’re interested in, go to the application detail page to learn more.

Step 4

Visit the developer’s website to learn about their services and products and subscribe to the application.

Step 5

Authorize the application to access your seller data on your behalf by going to the application detail page and clicking “Authorize Now.”

Looking for service providers to expand your business?

The Service Provider Network is a directory of third-party service providers that can help you build, manage, and scale your business on Amazon. We vet service providers by Amazon standards and continuously monitor their performance to make sure only high-quality providers are on the Amazon Service Provider Network.

Discover services in a growing number of categories

  • A+ Content
  • Account Management
  • Accounting
  • Advertising Optimization
  • Compliance
  • FBA Prep + Packaging
  • Imaging
  • IP Accelerator
  • Listing
  • Storage
  • Taxes
  • Training
  • Translation
  • And more...

How to use the Service Provider Network

Step 1

Select your location.

Step 2

Select where you want to sell.

Step 3

Select the service category you want.

Step 4

Narrow results by service type, location, language, and reviews to find what you need.

Step 5

Once you find the service you’re interested in, click “Contact Provider” to raise a service request.

Step 6

The provider will contact you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the applications integrate with Seller Central?
Some applications are stand-alone and others integrate directly with Seller Central, but all applications have access to the same data offered by Marketplace Web Services APIs.
Where can I find support for my third-party app?
Please contact the application provider directly for any technical support or customer service questions. Amazon is not directly involved in the development or sale of third-party apps.
What’s the cost of the applications or services?
Application and service providers set their own prices. Pricing information is available in the specific application or service page.
Who is eligible to leave a review on the Appstore?
Only verified users of an application and after using the application for some time may leave a review for that application.
How are ratings calculated?
Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings based on a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness.
I'm a developer. How can I build applications for Marketplace Appstore?
Visit for more information.
I'm a service provider. How can I be included in the Service Provider Network?
Please contact us via email for more information.